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Swiss Business supports you in your administrative tasks.

  • your official or commercial letters

  • your tax returns

  • your C.V. and motivation letters

  • your reports, summaries, dissertations, theses, biographies

  • help you to file your documents

  • support you in your relations with the authorities (filing of documents, negotiations, follow-up)

  • your relations with financial organisations (banks, credit institutions)

  • your negotiations on rates (credits, various fees)

  • setting up your loan file or other

  • accompanying you to meetings

  • and many other things.

Our service is tailored to your specific needs and we will be happy to provide you with personal advice. Simply contact us via our web form, our email.

You have not found the specific service you need in our list. Do not hesitate to contact Swiss Business, we will certainly find a way to help you.

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